CallsignFull NameRankLocationBudgetLast FlightStatus
IRA128 Ali Moassessi First Flight Officer OIIE 252,911 v$ 2 days agoActive
IRA119 Abbas Ataei Second Flight Officer OIIE 577,674 v$ 11 days agoActive
IRA102 Hossein Jafari Senior Captain ENGM 7,972,995 v$ TodayActive
IRA127 MohammadSadegh Ghanaat Captain OIIE 1,568,961 v$ 5 days agoActive
IRA112 Hashem Etemadi Flight Captain UBBB 1,525,034 v$ 28 days agoActive
IRA124 mohammad gholamzadeh Captain OIII 6,603,553 v$ 2 days agoActive
IRA123 saeed tabatabaei Senior Captain OIIE 2,688,076 v$ YesterdayActive
IRA122 koorosh asefi Flight Captain OIII 643,101 v$ 2 days agoActive
IRA120 Navid Akbarpour Captain OIBB 1,622,315 v$ 5 days agoActive
IRA116 Shayan Madahi Captain OIIE 290,274 v$ 15 days agoActive
IRA101 Mohammad HajiAmini Flight Captain OIKB 750,570 v$ 6 days agoActive
IRA111 Sajjad Seifpoor Senior Captain OIIE 1,327,785 v$ 2 days agoActive
IRA114 Amir Hossein Bahrami First Flight Officer OIIE 231,269 v$ 8 days agoActive
IRA115 Mehran Mahjoob Flight Captain OIIE 87,616 v$ YesterdayActive
IRA117 kian boroun First Flight Officer OIII 44,724 v$ 44 days agoInactive
IRA118 MohamadReza Farhadi Senior Captain OIFM 887,128 v$ 6 days agoActive
IRA121 Parham Ziaie Flight Captain OIII 223,207 v$ TodayActive
IRA129 Alireza Ahmadzadeh Captain OIKB 349,780 v$ 3 days agoActive
IRA125 Mohammad kazem Bensaeid Flight Captain OIII 64,969 v$ 16 days agoActive
IRA103 Saba Hassani First Flight Officer OIIE 171,856 v$ 68 days agoSuspended
IRA142 Gholam Reza Sadeghi Second Flight Officer OIII 18,316 v$ 37 days agoInactive
IRA126 Milad Servatmand First Flight Officer OIII 57,110 v$ 5 days agoActive
IRA138 Mahdi Rezaei Second Flight Officer OIII 14,005 v$ 4 days agoActive
IRA130 Mehdi Azadmehr Second Flight Officer OIII 10,000 v$ - Newbie

Number of pilots 24

[ Days To Be Inactive, Suspended and Dismissed: 30 - 60 - 90 ]