Flight NumberIRM051 Date11.06.2018
Departure AirportOIIE Arrival AirportVTBS
Departure Time20.00Arrival Time2.50
Pilot In CommandSaeed TabaTabaei Block Time6.80 Hours
Pilot Rating100 % AircraftEP-MNF [ A310-300ET ]

Distance2,971.00 Nm. Passengers202
Fuel Used29,881 Kg. Cargo16689 Kg
Expense Details Income Details
Fuel Cost19,285 v$Ticket Sales90,900 v$
Pilot Salary12,718 v$ Cargo income34,493.00 v$
Crew Salary1,010 v$ Bonus21,197 v$
Gross Profit114,464 v$ ( 1,144,640 v$ )

Client Versionv2.2.0.rc3 Max Simrate1
Flight Critique Pilot CommentsVTBS 110100Z 19011KT 170V230 9000 FEW020 BKN035 29/25 Q1008 NOSIG// TARE2B for APPCH but Due to WS at final,cansel ILS and continue as Visual

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