Flight NumberAMC3019 Date15.02.2020
Departure AirportENBR Arrival AirportEGFF
Departure Time11.54Arrival Time14.00
Pilot In CommandRobert Powers Block Time2.10 Hours
Pilot Rating100 % AircraftG-UAGK [ 737-800 ]

Distance607.00 Nm. Passengers152
Fuel Used8,714 Kg. Cargo5815 Kg
Expense Details Income Details
Fuel Cost11,933 v$Ticket Sales18,696 v$
Pilot Salary1,559 v$ Cargo income5,851.00 v$
Crew Salary760 v$ Bonus2,599 v$
Gross Profit14,038 v$ ( 350,950 v$ )

Client Versionv2.3.3 Max Simrate1
Flight Critique Pilot CommentsWrite your comment here...Nice flight back to Cardiff. 20mls into flight lost GPS and nav equipment. Still got back to Cardiff.

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