Flight NumberCDN5031 Date20.07.2017
Departure AirportCYVR Arrival AirportCYPK
Departure Time13.46Arrival Time14.07
Pilot In CommandSten Huebler Block Time0.35 Hours
Pilot Rating100 % Aircraft [ ]

Distance19.00 Nm. Passengers5
Fuel Used22 Kg. Cargo95 Kg
Expense Details Income Details
Fuel Cost142 v$Ticket Sales295 v$
Pilot Salary20 v$ Cargo income28.00 v$
Crew Salary37 v$ Bonus22 v$
Gross Profit114 v$ ( 57,000 v$ )

Client Versionv2.2.0.rc1 Max Simrate1
Flight Critique Pilot CommentsHope the tool recorded it correctly. Had some frame rates problems on the way and it seemed to have stopped the flight before I put the parking brake on.